Week 3 - Tuesday 3/20

Today we found out that we need to be in the pictures we upload to our blog. So now we are uploading pictures of us working with the bot, so we can update our posts. This week, we are planning on finishing the SquareBot, and programming it to work with the controller. Also, we want to start on our Solid Works build.

Week 2 - Friday, 3/16/18

This week, Big Brother Brand has finished the painful task of taking apart the "torque" robot. After cleaning out our cart, we started building the square bot. Next week, we are hoping to finish building our square bot, and to assemble it on Solid Works.

Week 2 - Monday, 3/12/18

Today, Big Brother Brand had finally finished taking apart the torque robot. It was a pain in the behind because it was built in a very frustrating way, so we had to get help from the AutoDADs.

This week we are hoping to begin our Solid Works build and Physical build.

Week 1 - Friday 3/9/2018

Good Morning, this week we haven't accomplished much besides our blog bios. This is because Solid Works wasn't working. Now it is working, so we are going to start our virtual build. However, we are not sure which bot we are supposed to be working on so we are doing the claw bot.

We are hoping to get a clearer understanding of what we need to do next week, so we can more effectively get our work done. :)