Week 11 - Monday 5/21/18

So, today (or everyday to be more accurate) the robot has decided that it does not want to cooperate with Big Brother Brand, and now we will fail an elective class, won't be able to graduate high school or go end up going to community college, and wont be at the top of our class because of an elective class. We've been working on this for weeks, and the zeroes just keep coming in and we will never finish, so our grade is going to remain an F. We very sincerely don't know what to do, and we've tried everything that Mr. Martin has told us to do: we've charged the battery, tightened the screws, made the environment clean, and even asked other groups for help, which is apparently not good enough to get our dumb robot to work. Now that we have free time (because we are done studying for testing), we will try to come in during study hall, and other free periods to work on the figure 8, but we will not finish every challenge by the end of the year.

Week 10 - Tuesday 5/15/18

Jesse Photobombed Rom Hunter is discussing the robot with a fellow student
Today is Big Baller Brand's only day of work this week due to the fact that we have an AP World History exam on Thursday. TODAY IS THE DAY OF THE FIGURE 8!!! WE ARE DONE AFTER TODAY THAT'S IT! (Rom from the future here... JK we aren't done)

Week 9 - Friday 5/11/18

Finally! We figured out the problem with our figure 8! For some reason all of the screws on the robot were loose, so we had to tighten them, and we also started charging our battery on Wednesday, which has helped us progress a lot. Today, we ran our first official after it worked perfectly two times in a row, and the robot managed to fail us when Mr. Martin was watching.  Also, our battery was displaying that it had 8.2 voltage on it and was dying when we ran the code, so we replaced the battery, and will use the new one next class. At least now we have hope, and I am certain that Hunter and I will finish the figure 8 and be able to move on to the tetrahedron by the end of next class!
P.S. Hunter is wearing a different outfit in each photo because he has the second picture so he needs to upload it, so meanwhile, there is a picture of hunter on Monday looking very cute.

Week 9 - Monday 5/7/18

Today we are still working on the figure 8, but now we are able to finally use the work space after a long discussion with the autodads. Now, since they deleted RobotC when they gave us the workspace, they put us behind, lacking the gracious professionalism that they are supposed to represent.  Not that we weren't already 4 weeks behind, but they have no moral values and they've been wanting us to be behind for so long. So we've wasted the first 45 minutes of class reinstalling RobotC. I (Rom) I have a game plan for how I'm going to get work done in this class. Anyways, hopefully we can get our figure 8 done by the end of this week. Also, the photos for this week will be of Hunter because I am taking the pictures.

Week 8 - Thursday 5/3/18

So it turns out that we cannot move forward without completing the figure 8. Big Brother Brand has found a possible solution to the issues it was having with the figure 8, so hopefully today we will be able to successfully complete it. We are saying "today" because today is the only day this week that we will be in engineering.

Week 7 - Friday 4/27/18

This week we finished our Solidworks build, but sadly our dysfunctional robot doesn't run half the time, doesn't follow the program, and decides to turn off while at full charge. This has caused backwards progression ending our hopes and dreams of ever completing it...